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Is your garden getting weedy?
Do you spend a fortune on irrigation?

We provide a quick, effective and natural solution to these problems!

With the information found on this website, we would like to provide busy but particular garden owners with useful and immediate help!

The purpose of this website is to supply all the information required by
those interested in pine bark mulch!

By using pine bark mulch:

  • the quantity of weeds will drop by as much as 95%! How much time do you think you can save? At present, no other, similarly effective natural protection exists against weeds!

  • You can save as much as 30-50% of the water you use for irrigation! Why would you spend more on irrigation unnecessarily than what is unavoidably necessary?

We offer you the following (currently unique) services:

I. Bark mulch presentation

  • A presentation about the areas of use of pine bark mulch, i.e. where it has proven its advantages and is already applied successfully!
  • Collection of Problems and Solutions in certain areas

II. Buying pine bark mulch through our Webshop
Please go to the Our Product Portfolio menu to see what pine bark mulch types are available.

  • Fine pine bark mulch – against weeds
  • Coarse pine bark mulch – to decorate larger areas
  • Exact size-selected pine bark mulch – for areas where sight is of key importance
  • Weed warrior packages – for those preferring packaged solutions

III. Virtual Customer Service
Where the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) are answered by our virtual operator. Besides, you can also send specific questions to us, which will also shortly be answered.

  • Do I have to pull the weeds from the soil before laying the bark mulch?
  • How thick should pine bark mulch be laid?
  • How long does it take pine bark mulch to decompose?
  • Do I have to regularly replenish?
  • How can I buy products using the Webshop?
  • What should I know about receiving deliveries and the home delivery service?

I do hope you have found the solution that best meets your needs among our services!

If you did not find the real solution or should you have any further questions or suggestions, please contact me so I can help you and so we can find the best solution together!

Would you like to immediately receive professional advice on pine bark mulches used for soil covering?
Then do not miss the menu entitled About pine bark mulch, where we tried to collect the answers to all frequently asked questions in a professional yet easy-to-understand way.

Could you not find any information you are looking for?

Please visit our Virtual Customer Service and if you should not find the answer there, either, please write to us (use “Contact Info”) and we will provide the missing information!

Also, look at Our product portfolio, where you will see the pine bark mulches produced and offered by us.

Pine bark is categorised primarily by its particle size as the efficiency of pine bark mulch is primarily determined by its size class!

How much time and money have you wasted unnecessarily on keeping your garden in order?

Do find it too much? I know a truly excellent solution!


If you should decide that you would like to see our product portfolio personally or want to get personal advice, please do not hesitate to visit our central site.
You can find us at Budapest, Cinkotai út 20/a (17th District). Our central site is located between the HQ of the company called “Egyesült Vegyi Művek” (“EVM”) and the neighbouring railroad. You can find a map that will help you find us in the Contact Info menu.

Are we too far from you?

Order home delivery and calculate its charge using the Weed Warrior Calculator or find our distribution partner nearest to your home: these partners sell the first class pine barks produced by us!

In the Partners menu, find the Garden Centre nearest to you, contact them and mention the fact that you have found them at

Do you have a garden that you want to renew or get redesigned, or are you just looking for a gardener to keep your garden tidy?
Feel free to choose from our landscape gardener partners: they will be happy to help you. Use our Search menu to find the companies and gardening service contractors nearest to your home.

Do you have questions left?

Then let me recommend you the Customer Service menu as our Virtual Customer Service is available to answer FAQs on a round-the-clock basis.

If you still have unanswered questions left, please send them to me, using the Contact Info menu.

Thank you for your trust and I wish you a useful time on our website.

I will be at your service, Yours faithfully,

Kátai Tamás – the Weed Warrior

Mobile: 06-20-201-0732
Skype: fenyokereg





Customer comments
While we are building our garden, many people admire it and ask us where we got it. We will send you further customers!
I am satisfied with the usability of pine bark mulch!
We first bought only coarse mulch, which looked good but weeds sprouted from under it. It was when we asked why we were having the weeds that it turned out that that at the bottom always fine mulch should be laid and the larger pieces should be used at the top only for decoration. Since we started paying attention to this, all weeds have disappeared from the area covered with mulch and the whole thing looks great.
We have really positive experience with the pine bark mulch purchased from this company, where we even got assistance in choosing the right mulch type!
Since I started using pine bark mulch, I have had no frost damages and weeds no longer sprout. I managed to remedy these two problems!

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